High End Home Furnishings company partners with
Katz Digital for winning results!

$1/4 Million Sales

$1/4 Million Sales

$1/4 Million Sales

Client Objective: The advertiser was a high end home furnishings company with products that retail for $1500 on average. This was a 6 week, performance-based Audio campaign with careful tracking of results.

How Katz Digital met that objective

Katz Digital, America’s #1 Digital Audio Offering, provided the scale needed to target potential purchasers of this high end product.

3rd Party Targeting isolated 4 likely-to-purchase audience segments. Katz continuously optimized throughout the campaign toward the highest performing segments.

Attribution: Artsai was used to measure drive-to-site and actual shopping cart activity of this campaign.

The Result:The Artsai tracking informed the continuous optimization against the targeting segments. This yielded a positive trend in items sold throughout the campaign. Ultimately this yielded an amazing sales result for this D2C advertiser of over:


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